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delicious, nutritious & carbon positive treats


Delicious & nutritious carbon positive treats range with hypoallergenic seaweed & insect proteins

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Recycled plastic collars and leashes designed to celebrate Australian threatened species

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We've had enough of seeing wildlife with preventable morbidities caused by plastic and pollution.


So we decided we needed to help put an end to it.

To date, we have recycled over 250,000 post-consumer plastic bottles into pet products! 

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Sadly, with declining habitats and increasing pollution nearly 1/3 of Australia's mammals are at risk of extinction...

AniPal sales help fund our threatened species wildlife support projects.


Good for the Planet

AniPal is pioneering carbon positive business in the pet and vet industry.

We are currently removing 7 x the amount of carbon that we produce. This is achieved through our partnership with Carbon Neutral, where we support their work in reforesting the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. 

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Great for your Pets

AniPal has launched a range of delicious, nutritious & carbon positive treats.

Check out our local, organic seaweed & insect protein dental chews and hand-baked bites. All in the name of keeping our furry friends healthy and happy.

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The Buzz on Insects

You may have caught a whiff about insect proteins over the last few years, especially around the environmental, animal welfare AND nutritional benefits.

But in case you are still scratching your head on what this means for your pets, we've decided to give you the scoop.

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