Bertie the Blue Banded Bee honours the many Australian native bees that are crucial to the health of our landscape. Our native bees vary greatly in size, colour and furriness! Like Bertie the Blue Banded Bee, our native bees are critical in pollinating both our native species as well as many agricultural crops including eggplant, tomatoes, blueberries, kiwi fruits and macadamias. Often stingless our native bees are declining in population. To support these tiny powerhouses, be sure to plant diverse flowers in your garden! 


All our tethering products are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Bertie the Blue Banded Bee Cat Harness & Lead

  • Made from recycled plastic bottles!


    XS Harness: Neck 16.5-23cm, Chest 19.8-30cm Leash: 10mm*170cm Linking strap: 8cm

    S Harness: Neck 25-31cm, Chest 24-40cm Leash: 10mm*170cm Linking strap: 9cm