Bobby the Purple Azure Butterfly celebrates this beautiful yet scarce Australian species. Bobby’s elegant and quick flight takes him to the top of tall Eucalyptus trees to feed on mistletoe flowers. His wings are designed with mesmerising colours on the upper side, with contrasting brown and black on the underside to camouflage perfectly with the rough bark and bushes of his surroundings. Bobbie and his friends are decreasing in number, so be sure to carry binoculars if you would like to catch a close look.


All our products are made from recycled plastic bottles.    



Bobby the Butterfly Cat Collar

  • Made from recycled plastic bottles!


    X-Small (for most kittens): 1cm (webbing width) x 16.5cm - 23cm

    Small (for most cats): 1cm (webbing width) x 20cm - 31cm