Gigi the Gouldian Finch celebrates one of Australia’s most spectacularly coloured birds. Gigi the Gouldian Finch is a small bird but she shines brightly with her beautiful red, purple, green, yellow and blue plumage. Gigi makes her nest in tree hollows of Eucalyptus gums in the Top End of Australia. Once found in their millions, their population has declined enormously due to trapping, export and fires. Fortunately, this species is now protected so keep a look out for this special gal! 


All our tethering products are made from recycled plastic bottles.    

Gigi the Gouldian Finch Cat Collar

  • Made from recycled plastic bottles!


    X-Small (for most kittens): 1cm (webbing width) x 16.5cm - 23cm

    Small (for most cats): 1cm (webbing width) x 20cm - 31cm